It was only a few years ago that fyu was born in a kitchen in Houston, Texas, the first piece created from parts of vintage chain and salvaged beads. Crafting various pieces of jewelry in the middle of the night, it became a creative outlet for me to pass the hours when my incessant insomnia would strike. never one to ignore my nagging curiosity, I began incorporating recycled metal and vintage dead stock into my line, utilizing various techniques to make my visions a reality.

I created fyu for those who look to make jewels their talismans and amulets, a modern form of 'armor' not only to protect the wearer but to strengthen as well. Through using filigree, rhinestones and gemstones, crystals and textiles, i try to take elements of the past and interpret them for the wearer.

Each piece contains a bit of history, artistic vision, and empowering vibes to connect the wearer with their own meaning or moment.

All pieces are created by hand in my work space, and production is completed in limited batches. There is no assembly line, no outside producers. I also aim to use dead stock -- or abandoned materials which have been manufactured but not used -- and recycled metals and textiles in an effort to reduce 'fast fashion' waste.

- Nita